All LED lighting is not created equal.


LED can be used almost anywhere, we here at Etrenzik, have done many implementations of custom Led systems in markets such as :

Assisted Living
State & Local
Federal Buildings

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But all Led lighting is not created equal. We here at Etrenzik are manufactures and direct importers of the highest quality LED fixtures, controls, and bulbs.

We here at Etrenzik can design the perfect lighting solution for you our process starts first with our Solution Design & Detailed Savings Assessment.

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We are a complete turnkey LED service provider. Let’s get started and see how much you can save others have seen as much as a 80% savings, with little or no money out of pocket!

Advantages of LED Lights

LED lighting is the way of the future and is changing every single day with various new technological creations that are changing lives in many positive ways. From traffic lights to LED light bulbs used in the home, LED is creating a new energy-saving option for everyone in the country.

There have been a number of innovative new advances that have opened up doors in the world of commercial and domestic light solutions. LED lights provided excellent performance and a cost-effective way to stay eco-friendly. In 2008, as little as 7% of the world population was using LED lighting solutions, but that number is quickly rising. By the year 2027, as much as 50% of the world could switch to LED lights. Here are some of the most common benefits to using LED lights:

  • Long lifespan
  • Little maintenance
  • Energy-efficient
  • Bright color options without the use of filters
  • No UV or Heat is used
  • Small
  • Friendly to the environment and does not contain mercury
  • The ability to be dimmed