Replacement or Retrofit installations is a high demand service we provide here at Etrenzik. There is so much to consider when looking at the advantages of LED in sites that currently have inefficient lighting technology. See the Etrenzik process we use to create a custom lighting plan for your needs:

Let’s focus on the maintenance cost for a moment. Here are some amazing things to consider when it comes to the maintenance of your legacy lights.


Hidden cost, that are absorbed into your P& L and forgotten are expenditures commonly rolled into the Maintenance/Repair/Operations expense account, but few accounting departments or building managers truly understand the full cost of purchasing and maintaining lighting equipment.

Maintenance costs for an installed lighting system fall into two types: repairs and replacement of existing lighting-related equipment, and direct costs for lamps and ballasts.

The Silent Expense of Lighting System Maintenance

In terms of the first type of cost, repairs and replacement of lighting-related equipment, a number of hidden costs crop up that never show up in an electricity bill. The replacement of lenses or troffers for fluorescent lamps, sockets, starters for HID , adjusters for recessed cans, and track lighting heads, are happening all the time, but due to the fact they normally do not fail at one time, the replacement cost stay under the radar, but effect your P&L tremendously. Electrical equipment like transformers, fuses, and capacitors are also included here, as they are essential to the functioning of a lighting system.

Ballast & Bulb Replacement Costs

The second category is the most visible on your books which is lighting expense, as it relates to direct replacements of bulbs and ballasts. The larger and more complex the system, the greater the costs when it comes to replacing these. But the long term savings far out weigh the cost of replacement. We also have several acquisition options to help with replacement cost. See our unique options here:

Replacing incandescent and halogen bulbs that are common in many commercial and industrial institutions and will reap the greatest benefit. These types of LEDs have decreased in price by up to 80% from a few years ago, the energy savings are remarkable.

Labor Savings Key for Retrofit Projects

So little time in a day, and it is estimated that over 60% of the maintenance personnel time is spent changing bulbs or equipment surrounding legacy lighting technology. How much is “ladder time” costing you? The labor costs in many cases are a key factor in the decision to switch to LED fixtures and lamps. High quality LED lighting comes with in many cases a 20 year warranty, and we here at Etrenzik also provide a proactive monitoring system in many of our fixtures that will notify our nationwide team of any irregular readings in your lights, and deploy our service team to assist with an issues that may arise. When calculating the ROI for any type energy efficient lighting retrofit, maintenance costs should not be overlooked.

Retrofits Have Proven Cost Effective

To many of us when the lights come on, we go about our day in bliss. But, for building maintenance and property managers look up, then look deep into your books, and start asking whether the cost of maintaining the current system will outweigh the price of a retrofit. When LED prices were high and alternatives did not exist for common fluorescent tubes and fixtures, the decision was easy.

However, as more LED products have hit the market in the last few years, alternatives exist for completely replace a fluorescent fixture. Lighting manufacturers are also addressing the problem of existing ballasts with LED by making ballast-compatible products or bypassing the ballast entirely.

Our proven process will give you all the necessary data to make an informed decision about what solution is best for your business, and as manufactures of many of the LED items needed in today’s demanding high efficiency lighting environments, we understand all areas of lighting from bulbs, fixtures, controllers, and more. Choosing the right LED partner is important to a long term efficient lighting plan.

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