New Construction

When building a new facility, why would you ever consider anything but LED? Let’s break down some things that we feel are very important for you to look at.

Marketing Point of View

Today our planets need to reduce our energy footprint is on the minds of many. By you building with LED, you have the opportunity in your marketing to use this to inspire others in your area to take a step towards making a better tomorrow.

Building a multitenant unit? Imagine when your agent presents them with a marketing piece stating you care about them and the planet, and have invested in LED, to give them the highest quality lighting, at a huge cost savings per year.

Capital Expenditure vs. Capital Improvement

Shift your mindset, many view LED lighting solutions as a capital expenditure, but in fact, such an up-grade is a capital improvement that increases the value of commercial property while delivering a host of additional benefits.

Let us show you how to quickly calculate the increase in property value due to the increase in cash flow from an LED lighting solution? Take the annual savings and multiply it by a rate of return.  The number is generally between a factor of 6 and 10.  So $30,000 in savings per year can mean $130,000 to $300,000 in increased market value.

Tax Savings and Capital Improvements

Depending on how your LED lighting solution is financed; an upgrade to LED could qualify as a capital improvement which can be depreciated over time as a tax-deductible.

See our unique acquisition options here.

Rebate, Tax credits and Incentives

When you consider the value of the benefits above and add the additional savings of utility rebates, tax credits and local incentives attached to LED lighting solutions in commercial retrofits and new construction, it is hard to ignore the value proposition energy efficient LED lighting systems bring to commercial businesses.

Are there rebates in your area? Click here to see what is available, and let our rebate experts here at Etrenzik do the work to get you as much money back as possible.

SSLED’s Payback vs. Warranty vs. Lifetime™ Model

Because a high quality LED lighting solution can save you between 50 – 90% on your lighting energy bill, any investment a company makes in a properly planned LED system will more than pay for itself. SSLED LED products deliver a payback period shorter than the warranty period, and a lamp life three times longer than the warranty period.

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