Acquisition Options

How to transition into LED and reward yourself with the savings and benefits. We have several acquisition options for you, and make the transition into LED savings hassle free.

PO Purchase option –

Etrenzik is happy to offer maximum savings for customers that qualify for standard Net 30 day terms. This option is an excellent option for customers that have excess budget or have already budgeted for and LED lighting initiative.

Alternative Financing –

Our ability to curtail a customer specific payment plan for a set period of time between 2-5 years for our customers really expands the potential of accelerating your benefits from LED lighting today instead of waiting 6 or 12 months. Our programs are uniquely structured to keep the customer cash flow positive – your monthly payments will be less than your monthly savings, netting you positive cash flow.

Shared Savings –

Etrenzik strives to find newer smarter ways of spreading savings through its LED lighting initiatives. Our Shared Savings program redefines how a customer can transition into Led lighting. How does never changing or buying a light bulb or ballast again sound? The program is simple, there are no upfront costs to the customer, Etrenzik pays for all of the LED Lighting, installation, lighting controls, monitoring, and disposal of the traditional lighting in exchange for a split of the savings from the reduction in electricity costs. With our ability to track and monitor energy consumption and savings we are able to enter into 10-15 year contracts we get the customer out of the light changing business. You the customer, keep all of the savings from never buying or changing a bulb and get zero maintenance for the life of the LED Lighting shared savings contract.