Pioneers in LED

Here at Etrenzik, we are pioneers in the LED lighting industry. Since 2008, we have been providing LED lighting solutions for many government facilities, schools, businesses and homes. That is two years before GE started backing the advantages and power of LED. All along it has been our mission to reduce our energy footprint on a worldwide basis. It is our goal to educate as we provide environmentally friendly LED lighting solutions to our clients.

Our Passion for Schools

We are determined to help schools reduce furlough days, and re-implement programs lost due to lack of funds. We believe it is important to invest in our educational system, teachers, and the administration staff that are making a difference in our youth. They are shaping our youth into the leaders of tomorrow, but how can they truly teach with the constant threat of fund reduction? We at Etrenzik have found a proven way to get money back into our schools, while also making a huge impact on our energy footprint. Click here to see a real case study and the impact we made in this school district.

There are real solutions to help schools, and Etrenzik is one of them. Help us help your schools by spreading the word on the effect of implementing high quality LED lighting.

What Does Our Name Mean?

Our name Etrenzik is at the core of our values, giving intrinsic value to our customers through integrity, environmental responsibility, and social responsibility. Essentially, we do the right things for all of the right reasons. Our LED products can help you reduce emissions while conserving energy, thus providing you with the opportunity to ‘go green’, while enjoying affordable LED lighting.

We Give Back!

We take our community care seriously by allotting 1% of our gross sales to charities, and we proudly support our veterans. In addition, most of our products are made in the USA, and our customers get the advantage of direct manufacturer pricing.

Mission Statement: Beneficial Services, Quality LED Products, and Maximum Savings

It is our mission to provide high quality and beneficial LED lighting solutions and services to the world. We understand that our customers vary significantly with differing challenges, facilities, and capabilities when it comes to lighting. We are intent on helping them solve their lighting challenges. At Etrenzik we provide our clients with customized solutions that are designed to fit their needs, while never losing sight of primary objectives such as saving money, reducing costs, and making positive environmental changes. The use of our vast LED lighting knowledge and experience allows us to create customized lighting remedies that are flexible and can accommodate future challenges that are unforeseen. We use turn-key project management criteria that have been designed to meet your end-to-end lighting requirements such as design solutions, custom savings assessments, and installation and certified disposal of hazardous materials. We even provide acquisition options and innovative financing that can be used to meet challenging financial requirements that include cash flow positive programs.

SDVOSB- Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business